The Evidence

Doctored Audio?

The county attorney’s office released an audio recording made by Byron on the day of the incident. That recording may have been sliced and diced to make it appear that Byron had planned to contact a lawyer prior to the incident. Byron’s account differs from this. We have made several attempts to recover the original audio from the attorney’s office but they refuse to release the full original audio. Unfortunately this possibly doctored version is the one that the jury heard. How hard is it to re-arrange audio? If you’ve ever shuffled sons on an IPOD you already know. For an MP3 file, a $500 laptop, a $30 program and a few minutes of time are enough.

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The Camera

On October 27, 2012 a $6000 Camera with lenses was stolen from Byron’s house. It was finally recovered after sitting for two years in the Little Falls Police Department. A police officer had retrieved it near the boat landing on the west side of town after an informant told him where to find it. The camera contained 175 new images from the time it was gone. To this day, there has been no prosecution for the theft or possession of stolen goods. Do you recognize anyone?

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Luberts took evidence of the original (camera) box with ID and serial number label. Despite the magnitude of the theft, no follow-up action was taken. Failure to investigate the guns, filing reports with wrong dates and information and known perjury about date of theft. Deputy Luberts advised Smith to put up cameras to gather more evidence. Luberts was telling Mr. Smith to get burglarized again!! Two days later Smith made a written report to the sheriff’s office of an additional break-in, with vandalism and burglary. Now, more than two years later, there still has been no investigation. Was Byron smith victimized and abandoned by Morrison County law enforcement.


The criminal histories and past incidents were not allowed in court. Brady's Mom was recently charged With Drug Possession in Hennepin County. At trial they were made out to be saints but look at the public documents we have obtained.

Text Messages

Here are some text messages between Kasper, Kifer and Brady where they discuss burglarizing Byron’s home. The only time the topic of text messages was brought up before the grand jury was when BCA Agent Chad Museus, in response to a grand juror’s question, stated:

“We don’t have any information on the text messages that would indicate anything regarding the Smith residence at all.”

The text message data shows substantial forethought by several participants with respect to burglaries at Byron’s home. It was specifically requested that such material be presented for consideration by the grand jury. It was not.

October 25, 2012

The following occurred between Mr. Brady and Mr. Kasper.

KASPER: Where you been?

BRADY: What do you mean you dident txt me back ass face!

KASPER: I know I'm sorry byrans!!!

BRADY: When??


BRADY: Yea we keep sayin that and not doing it !!

KASPER: Well let's do it!

BRADY: Tomoro?


November 22, 2012

The morning of the incident

The following occurred between Ms. Kifer and Rachel Brady (sister of Nicholas Brady):

BRADY: Heey its Rachel, my phones dead./: mehr./: I miss you!<3

KIFER: Omg :) i have so much to tell you! Ha me and nick are a team right now.

BRADY: I can't wait to hear all(: and nice(: what you guys doing?!(:

KIFER: Drivin around went back there from last night :) lol

BRADY: Oh nice!(: you go in? Was someone there?

KIFER: Yes and no.

BRADY: Find anything?(:

KIFER: Some stuff a huge black dildo i took to show you and some anal beads :) ha

BRADY: No way?!?(:

KIFER: Ya! :)

BRADY: That's so fucked!(: I love it!(: mehr (:

KIFER: I wish you were with :/ were doin it tonight if you wanna

BRADY: I wish I was too!/: and Well yeah!(: I think im just gonna tell him sending the night with family er what?:p

KIFER: Yea :)

BRADY: Mehr.(: I hope 2nite is fun and works out!(:

Car Photos

The vehicle Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady drove to Byron’s home was filled with stolen items from multiple residences.