Stolen Items

This is a list of just some of the items that have been stolen from Byron’s home. We will never know the full extent of the burglaries.

Item Present Value Notes on Value
1952 Remington shot gun $400  
Mini-ruger  rifle, stainless $800  
Tesco gun scope $55  
Nikon D800 camera w/28 mm lens $6,500  
Bullion Gold Coins $31,200 Purchased in the 80’s for $8,000 – this is current market value
Gold ring $300  
Cash $3,200  
Sony Handycam HDR-SR-112 $1,845 Court-ordered restitution/Kasper
Military ribbons $100 Precious heirlooms for service to his country in the Viet Nam War.
Rolex watch $2,700 Belonged to father as a gift from the French government as a POW in WWII
Ipod, 160GB $250  
Ipod, 80 GB $150  
Garmin GPS, Nuvi 600CHN $850  
Garmin GPS, Nuvi 1490T $300  
Memory card/camera $50  
Stihl chainsaw $810 Court ordered restitution
Copper wire, 1000’ $250 Court ordered restitution
Gold necklace $300 Belonged to mother
Gas siphoning kit $40 Court ordered restitution
Total $50,100  

Some of the items were sold at a local pawn shop. The pawn shop owner stated law enforcement never told him NOT to sell the items.

With the exclusion of the Remington shotgun and the Nikon Camera none of the items on this list were recovered. Over $4,000 in court ordered restitution remains unpaid by Cody Kasper.